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Thanks for heading over to my site. I'm Kerry Webster. I have the worst wanderlust. When I had more free time, I put all of my belongings in storage, ended the lease with my apartment and hit the road. I would stay at hotels here and there, but most of my time was spent in my car. I quickly discovered the importance of auto maintenance, especially the maintenance of my tires. When your tires and wheels are not functioning properly, it is simply not safe to be on the road. So I decided to record much of what I have learned about tires and wheels on my blog.


How To Keep The Tires On Your Car In Good Condition

6 November 2017
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Few things can enhance the driving experience like a good set of tires. You'll be able to grip the road with ease and get to your destination without the danger that can happen when your tires lack tread and need to be replaced. Because tires are so central to the overall operation of your vehicle, you want to make sure that they remain in the best possible condition. Attending to a few details will go a long way toward helping you maintain tires that work the way they should. Read More …

Specialty Tires For The Job

4 September 2017
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One of the most important things that you can do each day is ensure that you are driving safe. Part of driving safe is maintaining your vehicle properly. For most people, driving is the most dangerous thing they do each day. A very important part of your vehicle safety are the tires that you choose to put on your vehicle. There are many people that simply go for the cheapest tires they can find, but that can come back to haunt them in bad weather. Read More …

Do You Have To Replace All Four Tires On Your Car?

21 August 2017
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Even though having good tires on a car is a necessity, some car owners are unable to buy a full set each time there is a need, especially considering a new tire can cost as much as $350. As a result, many are opting for buying one or two tires at a time instead of a full set. However, this practice could result in increased wear and tear on the tires and the car. Read More …

How Forklift Tires Can Minimize Your Risk For Lower Back Pain

15 August 2017
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The medical field is seeing more cases of lower back pain among forklift operators. This condition occurs from the comfortability of the ride, driving postures and the whole-body vibration from the forklift itself. Tires are one of those material handling products that can minimize your risk of lower back pain. Read on to find out how tires can minimize your risk for lower back pain: Why Are Tires Important In This Work Environment? Read More …

Nimble And Quick: 3 Cars From The ‘80s That Changed The Game

9 August 2017
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Before the '80s, American sports cars were all big V8 beasts, but the decade brought us changes in the domestic market, as well as many popular imports. Today, some of these cars are recognizable because of the advancements they made in auto technology. There were cars like the Shelby IROC and Buick Grand National that are just as popular today as they were 30 years ago. Here are some of the nimble and quick cars of the 80s that you want to have parked in your garage: Read More …