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Specialty Tires For The Job

4 September 2017
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One of the most important things that you can do each day is ensure that you are driving safe. Part of driving safe is maintaining your vehicle properly. For most people, driving is the most dangerous thing they do each day. A very important part of your vehicle safety are the tires that you choose to put on your vehicle. There are many people that simply go for the cheapest tires they can find, but that can come back to haunt them in bad weather. There is so much technology and engineering that goes into tires, and all the technology and engineering really does pay off. You should not trust the safety of your family to just any tire. Here are a few specialty tires that can really add safety and reliability to your drive:

Summer Tires

Most of the time you will be driving in fairly good conditions, and you need a tire that can actually improve your traction. The top notch every day tire will be designed and built with very hard rubber, but the rubber will be engineered specifically for regular conditions. When the tires heat up from friction, the outside layer starts to warm up and becomes a little bit more sticky. This little bit of adhesion can really increase your traction and overall control of your vehicle.

Winter Tires

You would never want your winter tires to be the same as your summer tires. The hard rubber would act like a hockey puck in the snow and the ice. Instead, winter tires are created with very soft rubber. The rubber is also often infused with little microcrystals that really help your tire catch and grasp the ice and snow. If you have ever lost control in a snowstorm then you understand just how important traction can be in the snow and ice. It could be the difference between a safe drive and ending up on the side of the road. 

Off Road Tires

If you are going to take your vehicle off the beaten path, then you will need a special tire to give you the traction that you need. An off road tire will be constructed with soft rubber to help you grip the hard surfaces you may encounter, but will also have very thick and deep tread. The tread is designed to give you as much traction in loose sand and mud as possible. 

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