How To Save Money When Your Vehicle Needs A Repair

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How To Save Money When Your Vehicle Needs A Repair

6 October 2021
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Do you need to have your car repaired, but you're looking to save some money? If so, it may help to follow these tips to get your car up and running and have more money in your wallet.

Shop Around For Parts

One way that you can save money is to shop around for parts when you need something specific for your vehicle. If you have had a professional diagnosis and you know what's wrong with your car, then you can look for that specific part you need. Ask your mechanic if they are okay with you bringing your own parts to be installed. This can open up the option to look for a used part or to simply acquire it yourself and avoid having the part marked up.

Check The Warranty

When a specific part of your vehicle breaks, it is always worth checking to see what kind of warranty is on that part. If the part is one that originally came with your vehicle, it should be easy to identify how old the part is and if it is covered under an existing warranty. If the part was put on by a local auto shop, you'll want to check with that same auto shop to see if it is covered under a warranty. You may be surprised to see that by going back to the same auto shop, the parts, labor, or both will be covered.

Use Non-OEM Parts

Know that you can decide what kind of parts go on your car during a repair. There are going to be official parts from the manufacturer. These are referred to as OEM parts, which stands for original equipment manufacturer. However, there are non-OEM parts made by other companies that are just as good as those OEM parts. The biggest benefit is that they often save you money because the parts are much cheaper. Look into what your options are for non-OEM parts if the price seems a bit high. 

Get Several Repairs Done At Once

Even if you have an emergency that needs to be fixed, know that you may be able to save money by having other repairs done at the same time. By agreeing to get other work done to your vehicle for needs that are coming up, such as a brake pad replacement, oil changes, or tire rotation, you could end up saving money on those services by having them all done at once.

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