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Thanks for heading over to my site. I'm Kerry Webster. I have the worst wanderlust. When I had more free time, I put all of my belongings in storage, ended the lease with my apartment and hit the road. I would stay at hotels here and there, but most of my time was spent in my car. I quickly discovered the importance of auto maintenance, especially the maintenance of my tires. When your tires and wheels are not functioning properly, it is simply not safe to be on the road. So I decided to record much of what I have learned about tires and wheels on my blog.


3 Reasons To Recycle Your Old Tires

13 July 2022
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When the time comes to replace the tires on your car, you should take the time to consider the fate of the old tires. If you have concerns about the environmental impact, then recycling can be the most responsible option. 1. Tires are Reusable  Recycling is an improvement over normal disposal since the tires are given a new life. In some cases, recycling may be direct — old tires may simply be retreaded with a fresh rubber tread and put onto a different vehicle. Read More …