How Forklift Tires Can Minimize Your Risk For Lower Back Pain

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How Forklift Tires Can Minimize Your Risk For Lower Back Pain

15 August 2017
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The medical field is seeing more cases of lower back pain among forklift operators. This condition occurs from the comfortability of the ride, driving postures and the whole-body vibration from the forklift itself. Tires are one of those material handling products that can minimize your risk of lower back pain. Read on to find out how tires can minimize your risk for lower back pain:

Why Are Tires Important In This Work Environment?

The material handling industry is a very demanding work environment. Forklifts play an important role in the manufacturing and distribution processes for these companies. These vehicles need premium tires to withstand this demanding environment. You want tires that provide maximum durability, comfort, and energy efficiency. At the same time, you want to protect your forklift and your manufacturing products.

Choose From Wide Tire Selection

You can choose from a variety of forklift tires. These tires are categorized by ply rating, compound, and tread. If you are concern about lower back pain, then you want to look at tires that offer a comfortable ride.

Solid pneumatic tires are one of the most common forklift tires on the market. They offer versatility and high performance. These tires are made with solid rubber. They can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.

Pneumatic tires are popular with warehouse, lumber yards and construction sites. They have a strong grip on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. These tires have a long life and nearly indestructible. However, pneumatic tires are good for riding over rough surfaces. This is something to consider if you have lower back problems.

Consider Cushion Tires

Cushion tires are another type of forklift tire to consider. They are made from solid rubber that is pressed directly on the tire. This type of tire sits low on the ground and provides a slight advantage in maneuverability. Cushion tires are best on smooth surfaces, indoors and on loading docks. They are also good to use in small spaces.

Forklift operators spend long hours sitting behind the wheel while doing repetitive movements. This can result in whiplash, shoulder pain, and lower back pain. When you are sitting for this long, you should also consider posture. It helps to sit up straight and to be conscious of your body.

Keeping your tires in good shape helps your vehicle and the forklift driver. It decreases the wear and stress on your transmission and body. The best tires depend on how they are going to be used and the type of forklift.